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A Short Backgrounder on Bracelets

by Gopal Rajawat March 17, 2018

A Short Backgrounder on Bracelets

A bracelet is a piece of jewellery that adorns the wrist or the forearm. The word bracelet is derived from the Latin word ‘brachium’ meaning arm. Bracelets are universal and versatile ornaments, displayed by both men and women. However the intricacies and designs incorporated in the bracelet vary for men and women. The history of bracelets started with bone and shell bracelets, moving to gold and silver after the discovery of these metals. Today bracelets are available in a variety of materials, designs and styles.

Bracelets for weddings and other special occasions are generally made of gold or silver. While gold seems to be a popular choice with women for daily wear as well as celebrations, the men prefer bracelets made of silver or other metals, reserving gold for exclusive occasions like weddings.

The different Bracelets can be classified on the basis of styles...

Bangle Bracelet

This type of bracelet is circular in structure like a bangle but unlike a bangle that is uniformly decorated throughout, a bracelet may have a highlighting decoration. This bracelet also gives the comfort of adjusting the size on the wrist. The bangle bracelet may also have a hinge and lock mechanism.

Women’s everyday bangle bracelets can be subtle and delicate, and opulent for party wear. They can be embellished with gem stones or use craftsmanship like Meenakari.


Cuff Bracelet

The cuffs are wider open ended bracelets and are more noticeable than any other form of bracelets. The women’s cuff tends to be more wide and artistic compared to the men’s cuff. The cuffs can be called as a statement piece of jewellery worn to enhance one’s outfit look.

The following images show women’s cuff bracelets ranging from traditional to contemporary styles

Cuff Bracelets


Men’s cuffs can be made of gold, silver or even metals like copper. The images below show Indian bracelets for men in cuff style

men cuff bracelets


Chain Bracelet

Chain bracelets are made of looped repetitive patterns and do not have a rigid form like the bangle. They have a loose fall owing to the chain links. They may have a highlight ornament attached and can be strung with pearls or studded with diamonds. Silver, gold or any other metal can be used in these chained forms of Indian bracelets.

chain bracelets women


Charm Bracelet

These are chain or strand bracelets with the addition of charms on them. This concept of charm bracelet was incorporated into Indian bracelets from the western world. Charms available in various shapes like books, cars, moon, dolphins, stars, flowers, babies, buildings, letters and food items can be added to a chain bracelet to make it unique as per the significance of charms to the wearer or individual preference.

The charm bracelets are more popular with young generation, who like to display it as a fashion accessory. These bracelets can be custom made by adding the desired charms.


Fashion Bracelets

Apart from the use of expensive materials like gold, silver, precious stones and pearls in bracelets, since time immemorial, beads, leather, glass, bones and shells have been used to make jewellery. Such jewellery is being adopted as contemporary jewellery in the metros. Youngsters lean more towards the use of such jewellery than more expensive ones, as it is financially accessible and looks exclusive and trendy.

fashion bracelets women

Gopal Rajawat
Gopal Rajawat

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    34E 75F 34DDD/E 34E
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    36D 80D 36D 36D
    36DD 80E 36DD/E 36DD
    36E 80F 36DDD/E 36E
    36F 80G 36G 36F
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    38B 85B 38B 38B
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    S 4-6 8-10 36-38 23.75" - 26.75" 34.75" - 36.75"
    M 8-10 12-14 40-42 28.75" - 30.75" 38.75"- 40.75"
    L 12-14 16-18 44-46 32.75" - 35.75" 42.75" - 45.75"
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